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St. Mary's Academy provides an education within the Catholic tradition, nurturing the potential of each person, while teaching respect and responsibility for all of God's creation.

St. Mary's Academy Foundation -
Reaching $1 Million Dollars

As St. Mary's Academy celebrates their 150th school year,
St. Mary's Academy Foundation has launched our
"$150 for 150 Years Campaign".

Today the Foundation's Endowment Fund sits at just over $850,000. Our desire for this year is to have 1000 donors donate $150 each to the Endowment Fund to help us reach our $1 Million Dollar goal.

Your donation will give St. Mary's Academy $30,000 annually.

Visit St. Mary's Academy Foundation of The Dalles at:

If you are interested in more information, we invite you to fill out an Inquiry Form on the link below:

St. Mary's Academy is celebrating
our 150th school year.

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